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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 3, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. maj. gregg: good evening. i'm gregg jarrett, lou has the night off. the first week of the trial in the russia witch hunt finishes its first week it focused more on ostrich jackets and fancy flower beds more than any case of collusion. we'll take up the case with byron york. the national left-wing media caught red-handed. president trump: we are being hindered by the russian hoax.
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it's a hoax, okay? gregg: so-called journalists are caught lying through their teeth about what the president said in last night's rally. we'll tell what you they are up to just ahead. an outsider businessman with a conservative message shocks everyone by winning a long-shot election. does that sound familiar? the dean, ed rollins explains how the latest primary results strengthens president trump's party going into the mid-terms. this is the first week of the testimony in the trial of paul manafort. the prosecution team repeatedly rebiewkd and scolded by the judge. and today judge ellis reminding mueller's team of the high bar for conviction. they have to prove the former
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campaign chairman knowingly violated tax laws related to his political work overseas. >> the government has to prove manafort knew what the requirement was and he deliberately violated. on the stand today an accountant testifying under immunity, admitting she had concerns about manafort's tax returns and filed them anyway. the alleged tax fraud from 2014 before he worked for president trump and before the 2016 election. still no mention of any russian collusion. the judge won't even let anyone use it in the courtroom or donald trump's name. the prosecution expected to rest its case next week. a source close to manafort's team told fox news the defense has not decided whether manafort
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himself, the defendant, will take the witness stand. chris farrell joins us from judicial watch. when people evade taxes it's a civil penalty. you pay a fine, penalty, interest, back taxes. and normal are you when they are convicted in a criminal case you do about a year behind bars. robert mueller is asking for 305 years behind bars for paul manafort. is this another example of the malevolence and abusiveness of robert mueller? >> pure overkill and abuse of power. this is see over the top, so excessive. such a reckless exercise to try to squeeze manafort into saying anything they can possibly dream of against president trump or his close advisors. this is the judicial abuse at
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the same level as the investigative abuse where they were trying to steer an election. now they are trying to delegitimize and conduct law-fare against the defendant. it's outrageous. gregg: you have been able to through a lawsuit, get your hand on fbi documents they never wanted you to see. it's true that they are ridiculously redacted which is where the fbi does. he routinely hide and conceal evidence and deceive foia requests as well as courts. but you found out through these documents that christopher steele, the author of the trump dossier who was on the payroll of hillary clinton. he was a confidential source, an undercover agent for the fbi between january 1, 016 and
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november 1, 2016. that's 7 months before the fbi signed papers formally launching the trump-russia case. right? >> you are exactly correct. the documents we obtained through a foia lawsuit in federal court detail a period when steele was admonished by the fbi he had done something wrong. gregg: probably lied. >> or he was being cute and being an intelligence peddler. he was selling information from one client and simultaneously providing it to the fbi for an additional fee. that's speculation on my part, but that's based on my past life experience. that will get an admonishment. and the termination paperwork where the fbi cut him loose because he revealed or exposed
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his confidential human asset relationship with the fbi. >> so the fbi and the department of justice used this phoney, fab arfabricated dossier unverifiedo gain a wiretap warrant from a fisa court. that was sometime in october. and of course the fbi redacted the exact date. does it look to you like based on the sequence of events and the documents you obtained that the fbi and the department of justice knew christopher steele was a liar before they filed their application to spy? >> absolutely. they already admonished him for some kind of misconduct. they knew the kind of game he was playing. eventually they had to disclose to the court in very soft, i would say dishonest terms, that
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they terminated him because of his unreliability and fallshoods. they had a lot of guilty knowledge. they were not forth coming with the court. in my view they perpetrated a fraud on the court. those warrants were not lawfully obtained. they do not contain true and accurate information. and you have fbi officials signing off on them. gregg: i wrote a back to "the russia mosquitoes" and i outlined -- "the russia hoax." 50sr christopher steele admits in court documents in london that his dossier is unverifiable. nobody could possibly verify it because it's based on quadruple
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hearsay. >> it's a work of fiction. somebody could draft up a novel and submit it to the court. it doesn't might's true or accurate. it's reckless and corrupt as hell. gregg: i read that dossier. it's guaranteed to get a laugh. it's ludicrous. i never fail to laugh when i read this thing. the fbi night was phoney. you look at it. it's preposterous. >> as laughable as it is, the outrageous part is it's the predicate, the foundation for a year-long surveillance of somebody who had virtually no connection to the campaign, and it's part of this russia hysteria which is a manufactured lie. gregg: is it clear to you that the trump-russia collusion
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investigation was really triggered by this phoney dossier. the initial memo was written june 20, and on the very day that comey is clearing clinton, the fbi is meeting in a building in london secretly with christopher the steel who surely gave them the dossier and three weeks later they formally signed the papers to launch the trump-russia case. >> when you look at the timeline, it's incredibly damning. there is a lot of guilty knowledge and perjury. a lot of deliberate -- there is a sequence of actions that show this is a planned out deliberate, corrupt evident to steer an election. it's that simple. gregg: if you want to read more about it, read "the russia hoax." chris farrell, thanks so much for being with us. a george w. bush appointed
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federal judge ordered the trump administration to restart the daca arrivals program. the obama era program protects illegal immigrants brought to the united states from deportation. the judge said the court holds if dhs wishes to rescind the program or take any other action it must give a rational explanation for its decision. in other words they only gave stupid reasons. he bases the implementation of his order to give nielsen the chance to do her job correctly. coming up next, president trump fighting back against the mueller witch hunt. president trump: we are being hindered by the russian hoax. russia is very unhappy that
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gregg: president trump calling the mueller probe a hoax. >> a couple hours after his entire national security apparatus laid out chapter and verse how russia interferes in our election, the president went out to the rally and called it a hoax. growing: here is cnn. a couple hours after the entire national security apparatus appearing in the white house briefing laying out chapter and verse how the russians interfered in our election web went out in the rally and called a hoax. you don't have cnn? it was even better on cnn with
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david gregory and alison camarata. last night when the president said it's a hoax, he was referring to collusion. he's always referring to collusion. the day before he tweeted out russia collusion with the trump campaign one of the most of successful in history is a total hoax. the intelligence chiefs were talking about russian meddling, not collusion with trump. isn't the media guilty of misrepresenting the truth and conflating two different things? >> i think it's clear what happened. the president had his whole team come out in the white house briefing room, and they would not have don't if the president had not approved and talked about what is being done about the 2016-style meddling in the 2018 mid-terms.
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when he talks about collusion he's talking about the accusation that he or his campaign conspired with the russians to fix the 2016 election. he said that a million times. when he talks about collusion that's what he's referring to and he does believe it's a hoax. gregg: it also happens to be the title of a book that's the "new york times" best seller. they know he's referring to collusion, then they pretend to the viewers he's talking about meddling and they try to portray him as either duplicitous or deceptive himself when they are the ones what i call in street language, lying. >> there has always been a distinction in two parts of the trump russia investigation. there is the what russia durd -d
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part. and the get trump part. what did part is a totally legitimate investigation, wirt not for the get trump part, there would have been bipartisan interest in investigating that and coming up with law enforcement and legislative solutions to prevent that in the future. but there has always bean get trump element of it. that's what the president focuses on. certainly after that moment on january 6 or 7 of 2017 when he's the president-elect and the nation's top intelligence chiefs talk to him at trump tower and james comey tells him that the russians caught him in a sex orgy in moscow. ever since then the president has really talked about this as a hoax.
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gregg: you came out with a column that is excellent. it's entitled 12 times christopher feel fed trump russia allegations to the fbi after the election. after the election. so, the fbi had fire fire --ed christopher steele for lying. but even after the election he still is feeding them information about trump? >> yes, this is a very shady arrangement. they had a deal with christopher steele. he was an informant for them. they were going to pay-him to keep up his dossier work. but part of the deal is if you are a confidential human source for the fbi, you don't go tell everything you know to the press. that's not part of the deal. christopher steele was desperate to get this dossier stuff into
11:20 pm
the press. greg: to damage trump because he was quote-unquote desperate to stop trump. >> the fbi has to cut him off as a source. so i would think it would be that, but it was not. they came up with a back-channel method staying in touch with christopher steele. the method was christopher steele would talk to bruce ohr who happened to be married to nellie ohr, a woman who worked for fusion gps. and bruce ohr would pass on that information to the fbi. the fbi use sad cutout to stay in contact with christopher steele. gregg: they were clever and devious by the. did the fbi continue to work with christopher steele after the election because quite simply they wanted to undo the
11:21 pm
election results and destroy trump. >> if you look at it, there were a dozen meetings between the fbi and bruce ohr. the purpose of those meetings was to have bruce ohr pass on to the fbi what he had been told by christopher steele. going all the way to may 2017, there is a couple of reasons. one, the fbi was look for new information, apparently trying to pursue this trump-russia thing. and, two, they were trying to get some confirmation for the dossier information steel had given them and they used in a fisa court to get a warrant against carter page. once they were out on the limb, they were trying to find out, gee, is this stuff true? gregg: in the fbi regulations it says you may not use unswrairified information to get a warrant in a fisa court.
11:22 pm
they did it anyway. after they used the dossier, they are trying to verify it knowing full well they never did and totally violated regulations. read byron york's column. great reporting as usual. thank you, byron york. new reports that a suspected russian spy was caught by u.s. authorities after working in the u.s. embassy in moscow for more than 10 years. this coming on the heels of a report that a mole for the chinese government infiltrated and worked for california senator dianne feinstein for nearly 20 years. but the obama spy chiefs were too busy politicking to do their job and root out a russian spy.
11:23 pm
they played feinstein as she led the russian intelligence committee. president trump: we are restoring american strength and we are restoring american pride. but to continue this incredible movement, we must elect more republicans so we can get the votes that we need to pass these incredible programs. gregg: we'll take that up with ed rollins. sarah always chooses to take the stairs.
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gregg: a strong primary showing last night in tennessee. congresswoman marsha blackburn won the nomination to run for the seat to replace bob corker. businessman and political
11:28 pm
outsider won the republican nomination for governor despite being greatly outspent by his competitors. former reagan political director and fox news political analyst the dean ed rollins. what do you make of this. >> diane black was the overall fast it early on. outspent her opponent. bill lee ran a trump-type campaign. it was very positive. black came in third place. on the other side marsha blackburn won the senate race easy which is setting up the senate race versus her in a state that's traditionally republican. there are a lot of republican congressmen who have lost in
11:29 pm
primaries trying to move up. gregg: trump holding a lot of rallies lately. what effect will he have in the mid term elects if as he said he'll, he'll be out campaigning 5, days a week. ed: if he campaigns 5 to 6 days a week he'll be out there more than any president in history. are they going to get it re-energized by him coming out making attacks on the opponent? i disagree with bannon's philosophy. for some reason dem kraghts lose -- win the house, which i don't think they will. but it's all about impeachment. it's about trump's
11:30 pm
accomplishments. will other republicans argue this is what we have done. this is what the democratic party is going. >> speaking of accomplishments, we have job numbers out. in july the u.s. had a record number of people employed and lowered hispanic unemployment. i think we have numbers we can put up on the screen. how did that factor into the overall mid-term election picture? it factors in a positive way. the new addition, he literally has more republicans than anybody ever has. but some of the mid-level swing voters, hispanic voters are coming over to the trump side. in the scott race, the gubernatorial race in florida, he's doing well among hispanics.
11:31 pm
i think the numbers getting hispanic workers back to work, he's helping hispanic voters. gregg: here is the president of the united states constantly under siege by the unscrupulous robert mueller and his team of partisans engaged in nothing but a total hoax and witch hunt. you see mueller's numbers going way down. the longer his investigation goes, the less americans have confidence in his objectivity and fairness. and he's constantly under siege by the left-wing media that rails on him night and day. is the president under siege actually raising his numbers among republicans? ed: he has 83-84 percent of republicans who totally support him. they are not moving away from him. they get energized enough to go
11:32 pm
out and vote. normally when there is a crisis in the white house. even with it's a staff person, the place this chaos. this place has been under siege since the beginning and he keeps moving forward. gregg: he keeps saying it's unfair and apparently republicans agree. ed: it is unfair. the critical thing is will they be energized and turn out to vote. a lot of women candidates spending a fortune on this race. they have to make sure our side is as energized. if they do, we'll win that if they get energized. gregg: normally i would ask you to handicap it. but it's too far out. ed: right now it's a 50-50 race. gregg: obstructionist dimms do
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11:37 pm
the economy. unemployment dropped to 3.9%. incredibly low. hispanic unemployment fell to a record low 3.9%. despite those record-setting figures, dems like tom perez and nancy pelosi continue to criticize the president's economic accomplishments. tom perez issued this statement. donald trump's reckless policies continue to hurt millions of hard working families. despite the promises donald trump made to the american people, trump's economy isn't helping most of americans. nancy pelosi offered a similar rebuke. saying july's jobs report shows the wealthiest 1% and big
11:38 pm
corporations continue to hoard the benefits of the gop tax scam. here is a note to nancy pelosi. you are incredibly wealthy, why don't you donate half your wealth to the national treasury. nigel in nirks s. and author of "license to lie." the question could be unemployment zero, gdp20 and perez and pelosi would still say, oh, it's terrible and trump is to blame. >> unfortunately i think that's the case. it's not going to work for democrats. rank and file folk know that we are in a booming economy. people take for granted the unemployment rate dropping below 4%.
11:39 pm
it happened only 8 times since 1970. do you know when three those 8 times was? just this year. they know that wages are coming up. the fact is that wages are higher now -- the worker pay rate is the highest it's been since the great recession. rank and file dish was just in the car with one of your drivers. he was telling me how the economy is booming. there is an excitement and optimism among small business that is amazing. that socialism talk might have worked when people were desperate in 2008. gregg: the economy aside, what worries about bombshells from the unprincipled robert mueller and his team of partisans. and, you know, between now and
11:40 pm
the mid-term elections, is he going to pull a comey? >> that's certainly a possibility. i think there might be more leaks than any issuance of a report. as far as i know, he's still investigating and stirring up all he can possibly stir up issuing subpoenas and interviewing people. i don't think he shows any signs of wrapping this up as long as trump is in office. greg: the witch hunt won't end before november? >> i don't think so. i think he'll give your book a long life. gregg: i quote your book "license to lie" about the lies that continue to come out of the departments of justice. >> and andrew weissmann, no doubt. gregg: andrew weissmann is not getting anywhere near the courthouse in the manafort
11:41 pm
trial. i think he fears he'll be called as a witness because he was leaking manafort information to the media. >> i think he's largely responsible for that indictment and the overall prosecution of man for the. he's the director behind it. that's what he did in the enron cases also. he stayed behind the scenes, but he was running the railroad, and a railroad it was. gregg: niger, i want your final thoughts on the impact of the russia hoax and how it may impact the upcoming election. >> i don't think it will impact it at all. i think the american people are fundamentally fair. and they realize that whatever alleged crimes that manafort might have committed or not, this occurred when he -- some 10
11:42 pm
years or so before he was even work for trump for president. i just don't think that's going to sell. >> the justice department denied pressing charges against him. gregg: or lack of evidence. one of the reasons was they couldn't prove a willingness. isn't it true, sydney, you are the esteemed lawyer here. in most of tax cases you pay a penalty and fine in back taxes. even if you are criminally convicted, you do about a year. >> most of tax charges are treated as civil matters as they should be. there are a lot of things we grossly overcriminallized in this country. and as complex as the tax code is involving international structures, it should be treated as a civil matter. it's important for juries to know that a single juror can
11:43 pm
stop an unjust criminal conviction by voting not guilty and refusing to change their verdict. greg: the fbi agents who interviewed flynn said he was telling the truth. but mueller knows better than everybody else. niger innis and sydney powell, good to see you. cleanup started out west after a massive cloud of dust. it destroyed power lines, trees and homes. the near zero lack of visibility caused driver to pull over as well as shut down the city's airport. dthe president lashing out at hs
11:44 pm
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gregg: president trump unleashing on the national left-wing media last night at his rally in pennsylvania. president trump: there is no way according to fake news cnn, december might only negative stories from the fakeers. even those horrible, horrendous people, they can make anything bad because they are the fake, fake, disgusting news. gregg: those comments sending the media into a meltdown where they compared strum voters to a mob and questioned the president's mental health. >> it feels like the president is operating in a parallel universe. >> the president of the united states is completely unhinged. >> the president doesn't like a watchdog, he likes lap dogs. >> dictators do not like a free
11:49 pm
press because it's a threat to them. >> do you have to put our lives in danger? gregg: in a war of words the president seems to be winning. 87% of republicans support the president. joining me to talk about it, former trump campaign surrogate, gina loudon. good to see you. gina, let me start with you. one of the voices you heard was mika brzezinski accusing the president of become unhinged. i don't know how they manage to think with those brains of theirs. >> this said more about their mental health than it does the president's. i just completed a book on this topic called "mad politics."
11:50 pm
our political arena has become so crazy and obsessed with this president that they make outlandish accusations that the heartland of america can see are completely ernts. you look at -- completely errant. you look at this president and the barrage of attacks he endures every day. then you compare that side by side to his list of accomplishments and you know this president is arguably one of the most of sane occupiers of the white house ever in the history of the united states. gregg: lawrence, what do you think? >> the media, i don't think they should be worrying about the president's words. i think they should be looking at their approval ratings. last poll showed they were lower than congress. everyone hates congress. how are your ratings lower than congress. but the media played a dangerous game. back during the primary they
11:51 pm
gave this president as a candidate so much access, they loved him because they thought he was a beatable candidate. then during the general election they flipped on him as a means to support hillary clinton. there has been an adversarial relationship ever since the general election. but the media shouldn't be picking sides. it many not about if they like the president or dislike the president. they should be reporting on the facts. according to the american people, they don't believe the media is doing this. i keep hearing the left-wing media say, this is the worst acrimony in the history of the republic with regard to a president. the media is so ignorant of history that they don't realize, in the second term of george washington, there were angry
11:52 pm
mobs that surrounded the presidential mansion in philadelphia where george washington was inside and the ugly venomous rhetoric in journals and publications condemning one of the founders of our republic, george washington was unparalleled in 200-some odd years. >> they must have forgotten about the civil war where the left don't forget took on the right who was defending people for freedom from slavery, so they must have conveniently forgotten about that acrimony as well. they are very frustrated. i understand. they have no issues, they have no candidates. but when you look at job growth and unemployment. they have tried to parse up for years and control their votes. now those populations are moving over to the president because
11:53 pm
they are seeing the president is representing them. and i think you add to that numbers like came out today, for example. where unemployment among people who have never graduated from high school. high school dropouts is at a record historic all-time low. how does the left continue to spout this mantra of being the champion of the little guy where it's this president who employed them and changed their lives. gregg: the ignorance of the media is only exceeded by their venom towards this president. you know, they have accused him of collusion. they never have been able to cite a criminal code and all other potentials like conspiracy to commit fraud, federal campaign election act have absolutely no application
11:54 pm
whatsoever. yet they continue the narrative. >> it's mott just collusion. they call him racist every chance they get. how is he supposed to respond to a press that calls him racist every day, it's collusion, he hates everyone. and they never provide positive coverage. not even when they have data to support it. not when the president is growing support. there is nothing that he can do to please them. so they attack his family. you have got the press secretary who rightly pointed out she is the first press secretary to receive secret service protection. these are the same people who cried on election night when their candidate didn't win. if you don't believe us, at least believe the people that view you guys. greg: great to see you. have a good weekend.
11:55 pm
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redding has killed six people and destroyed a thousand homes. a fire tornado that spun up last week had winds of 140 miles per hour. an engineering firm says a dam in lynchburg, virginia is stable for now. up to 6 inches of rain fell within hours filling the lake beyond the dam capacity. there were fears it could flood the area with 15 feet of water in 7 minutes. just a reminder about my book, "the russian hoax." the numbers are already in for its debut week. you can found it right now in bookers to or online. barnes & noble, amazon and other places. that's it for tonight.
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lou will be back on monday and we'll speak to governor mike huckabee as well as michelle malkin. good night from new york. have a great weekend. i'm gregg jarrett in for lou dobbs. >> announcer: this is maria bartiromo's "wall street." bar will be happy weekend. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and positions you for the week ahead. carlisle's co-ceo kewsong lee is my special guest. deirdre is standing by with the big headlines. dierdre: investors witnessing history. apple became the first public company to cross the $1 trillion in value. it


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